Pmx Editor Скачать На Русском


Скачать [PMX Editor] Semi Standard Bones Plugin zip

After the official DL links for PMD Editor went down I kept some versions.

There're several versions of DirectX some of them are not compatible with PMD Editor install the above mentioned DirectX.

Английская версия редактора, поддерживающего PMD и PMX, прикреплена к сообщению. I have complete respect for the person who made this originally, but I don't believe it's fair that they took down their version just because someone translated PMX Editor.

IF you get errors when opening PMX editor MAKE SURE YOU UNBLOCK THE ZIP FILE!

Могу исключительно предложить попытать скачать английскую версию в переводе от iBozo.

So please send help like right away cuz everytime I try to import the model that I changed to pmd in the folder it says it's still pmx!

PMDEditor 0139 and 0219 english translation by iBozo on DeviantArt


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